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Bite the Bullet


I have been writing a book for a little over a year now. Never really fully dedicated to the cause, taking breaks from it every so often or letting days (sometimes weeks) go by without feeling the need to get back to it.

At the minute it is in the middle of a rewrite stage, a second draft to be precise. I am crossing the t's and dotting the lower case j's and patching up any plot ••••••issues that have appeared on the scene. Fixing bits that I didn't feel worked so well and in general getting it ready for phase three of writing a book.


A few people have been enlisted/drafted/bribed into being proof readers of the chapters as they come out of the rewrite stage. Once I wrote the last page of the story I left the book alone for two months to distance myself from it slightly, so that when it came time to fix it up I would spot the mistakes more easily.

Of the nineteen chapters written, I have twelve of them redone. I reckon it is now time to send off the first few to various agents around the place and see what happens.

I have other ideas for stories, I have other stories written, I have time on my side (technically). So I might as well take a stab at this.

Worst case scenario: It gets rejected out right a thousand times and I know it wasn't worth publishing.

But sure the worst case scenario when I started doing Stand Up Comedy was that nobody would laugh. So until one of my crazy schemes has a Worst Case Scenario that results in death, I reckon what's the worst that can happen.


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