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Another Con Bites The Dust


Another year, another Dublin Comic Con done and dusted. This year was an absolute blast, it has to be said. Stock wise I sold more than I ever had, close to thirty books left my table to go to new homes with people willing to take a punt on my mad stories. I even had a few people come back who had just bought the first book last year. They had enjoyed it so much that they wanted the follow ups. One person even dropped by to just say hi and that he couldn't wait for the fourth one to be released.

For me this is a big deal. Like many artists and writers, I am my own worse critic. The ladyfriend will attest to this without even needing any persuading. I forever wonder if people who have parted with their hard earned cash to read my words actually felt like they got a good deal. People coming back for books two and three or to tell me they can't wait for book four is a pretty big indication that I don't have to worry too much. As herself says if they didn't like it they wouldn't be back.

This is typically followed by her little victory dance as she is "proven right" again.

What was fun about this year as well was that some new budding writers came to my table and actually chatted about the writing process. They wanted tips on how I go about writing or advice on different aspects of putting together a book. Always nice to know that you can help out others on a similar journey.

Of course despite writing being a fairly solo effort, this weekend had a team behind it. So a big thank you to the ladyfriend who gave up her lunch on Friday to set the table up while I was stuck in work. Not to mention dropping me in today and helping out for a bit. Also a friend, who shall go by Mr. M (since I never use real names on this) sat with me both days and helped bag a sale or two in between our more random chats about anything and everything.

Finally a massive note of thanks to everyone who dropped by and just chatted with me. It's always good to meet people at the con.

Roll on next year.


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KildareGaaJersey | 16-08-2017
First off, excuse the name, but as you said no real names here, right?!

I'm glad it went well for you. You are too hard on yourself though. Look, I (and obviously others going by your post) wouldn't have come back for Accidental Legend last year if I hadn't enjoyed FH and IV from 2015. If I didn't think I was getting "a good deal for my hard earned cash" as you put it I also wouldn't have bought them on the Kindle so I wouldn't have to carry the books around if I wanted to re-read them.

As an aside, the fact that you twigged who I was on Saturday before I could even say "hi", despite only ever meeting me twice before with a year apart both times was fierce impressive .


Derek | 05-09-2017
Ha, thanks for that @KildareGaaJersey, I am definitely my own worst critic. But I reckon that isn't a bad thing either as it means I keep pushing myself to make better and better stuff.

As for remembering you, I have an alright memory for things. Least I can do is remember the people that come up and chat with me at the con ;)

Sorry for the delay in a response by the way. I appear to have a bug in the system that isn't sending me any notifications. Must look into that, after 'Stolen Stories' of course :D