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Stolen Stories - Draft 3


I have literally, as in five minutes ago at the time of writing this rant, just finished draft number three of Stolen Stories.

Just like when I was working on Accidental Legend certain elements of the story have changed greatly since the first draft. A few new ideas or jokes came along, one or two plot points just didn't work and were completely written or cut entirely. Going into draft four I have two pages in my workbook of things to fix up and areas that I want to tweak and make better.

If only writing was my full time job I'd have so much more time to get it done. Alas I have to make do with the time I steal from other parts of the day.

Overall though I am happy with how the book is coming along. It is a good story and I think overall it progresses Filthy Henry and Shelly as characters in the strange world that I have built.

Now I will take a couple of hours off before starting on draft four.


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