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An online home for updates on projects past, present and possible. 

Hello, stay a while...and listen

Hello and welcome to my little spot of the Internet. 

Below you will find a collection of my works, with links off to the various places you can acquire them. You can also find my social media accounts and if you want to listen to some never before published short stories there is a podcast you can go to. 

As public appearances crop up I'll drop them here, along with any other news worthy mentions. 

The Filthy Henry Series 

Blending Celtic mythology with modern day settings, the Filthy Henry series is a comedy-fantasy collection charting the cases of Ireland's first and foremost fairy detective: Filthy Henry

Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detectiv

Most people do not know that fairies are real, let alone need a detective. But when The King of the Leprechauns has his crock of gold stolen by some humans he requires the services of a detective.


Lucky for him Filthy Henry is just the man he needs. The only problem is nobody in the world can stand him. Which does not really bother Filthy Henry as he is not too fond of the world either...


New Clients. Impossible case. Same fairy detective. Once again the Fairy World requires the services of Filthy Henry, Ireland's one and only fairy detective. Filthy Henry, as usual, wants nothing to do with the inhabitants of the magical world. But Shelly, his new partner despite never actually being hired for the job, has other plans.


After all when a Celtic God hires you to solve one of their problems you cannot let a little thing like the bad manners of a fairy detective get in the way. Even if Filthy Henry does not exactly agree with such an assessment.


Some legends are born. Others are made. Sometimes they happen by accident. 

According to legend, Queen Medb once tried to steal the magical Brown Bull of 
Ulster in order to become a god. Cú Chulainn, the powerful warrior, stopped her 
by single handedly defeating her entire army. 

Somehow Medb has returned to modern-day Ireland and is trying to get the bull 
once again. This time it is up to Cú Chulainn's descendant, Cathal Cullen, to stop 
her. The problem is Cathal does not know about his heroic lineage. Luckily someone 
has been drafted in from the fairy world to help him. Unluckily, that someone is 
Filthy Henry.


People are showing up without any personal memories in their head. They don't know their family, where they are, or even 
their own name. It is a strange problem, one that those in the medical profession cannot explain. 

Luckily Ireland happens to have a detective who investigates strange problems that others are unable to explain. 
Filthy Henry is on the case...or at least he would be if the fairy detective was not missing in action. 

Meaning Shelly, the fairy detective's closest friend, suddenly has two cases on her plate. Figure out what is happening to everyone's memories and find where the fairy detective is. 



Mortals magically murdered generally is enough to get Filthy Henry, Ireland's first and foremost fairy detective, involved in the case. But when those murders happen on Halloween there is even more reason for him to investigate what is going on.


As the walls between Realms weaken, allowing spirits to roam the land, Filthy Henry and Shelly are in a race against time to ensure All Hallows Eve goes off without a hitch. Otherwise dead mortals are going to be the least of Ireland's problems... 

Other Works

Stories in distant times and far away places


In the late 2070s the Douti Device practically eliminated murder. So, when a double homicide crosses the desk of Detective Olivia Temple, it immediately grabs her attention. Not only is it a chance to work the first real murder in years, but it is also because of the victims' identities.


Two bodies of the exact same person.


As Temple works the case, trying to figure out how somebody has committed an impossible crime, it becomes apparent that something much bigger is at play…

Other Media

It isn't all just books

Why not check out the podcast of Filthy Henry. Containing not only audio versions of some of the books, but unpublished short stories in the 'Case Files' section. 

Available on all good podcasting platforms, such as Spotify 

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The Bio Bit

Derek Power is the mind behind Filthy Henry, the fairy detective. Born and bred in Dublin, he current lives in Skerries with his family. He predominately focuses on comedy-fantasy works, but has dabbled in sci-fi noir with his novel 'Duplex Tempus'. 

When not writing he spends his days refreshing the inbox wondering when Hollywood is going to come knocking for the film rights to his books. 

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