Filthy Henry Novels

About the writer, Derek Power

I began writing in early 2001, mainly focusing on short stories. After winning the odd contest here and then I figured I would try and write something a little longer. A few false starts later I managed to complete my first novel, titled Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective, in early 2013.

I currently live in Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland with my wife and young children.
A synopsis of my most recent work can be found below.

Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective
The Fairy world exists beside our own in relative peace, unseen by humans. Rules are in place preventing Fairy kind from making their presence known to mortal people. But when two humans somehow steal a crock of gold from a leprechaun drastic measures must be taken. Filthy Henry, the only half-human half-fairy in the world, is called in to find the thieves and maintain The Rules. With such a straight forward task what could go wrong?

Filthy Henry and The Impossible Victim
New Clients. Impossible case. Same fairy detective.

Once again the Fairy World requires the services of Filthy Henry, Ireland's one and only fairy detective. Filthy Henry, as usual, wants nothing to do with the inhabitants of the magical world. But Shelly, his new partner despite never actually being hired for the job, has other plans.

Accidental Legend
Some legends are born. Others are made. Sometimes they happen by accident.

According to legend, Queen Medb once tried to steal the magical Brown Bull of Ulster in order to become a god. Cú Chulainn, the powerful warrior, stopped her by single handedly defeating her entire army.
Somehow Medb has returned to modern-day Ireland and is trying to get the bull once again. This time it is up to Cú Chulainn’s descendant, Cathal Cullen, to stop her. The problem is Cathal does not know about his heroic lineage. Luckily someone has been drafted in from the fairy world to help him. Unluckily, that someone is Filthy Henry.

Stolen Stories
People are showing up without any personal memories in their head. They don't know their family, where they are, or even their own name. It is a strange problem, one that those in the medical profession cannot explain. Luckily Ireland happens to have a detective who investigates strange problems that others are unable to explain. Filthy Henry is on the case...or at least he would be if the fairy detective was not missing in action. Meaning Shelly, the fairy detective's closest friend, suddenly has two cases on her plate. Figure out what is happening to everyone's memories and find where the fairy detective is. A fairy detective who she currently cannot stand.