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The Problem with Avoidance is...


...that it is easier to continue to avoid doing things than it is to actually stop, sit down, and do the damn things you are avoiding.

A while ago the book that I was writing got destroyed (the file was corrupt on the hard disk and any back ups I had made were of the same corrupted version) and I had to start the thing over. Which is fair enough, not a lot of work really and I enjoy writing anyway. Yea it was a pain in the ass thing to happen, but no point complaining over it. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself down and get back into it.

Which is what I did.

Until I got snowed under with comedy and work and the likes. Now I am sitting around doodling nothing at all, thinking up jokes but not writing them down and not doing my diploma coursework. While all of these things can and should be done I am using their incompletion as an excuse for not writing.

I am a bloody disgrace.

I think I need a change of scene or something. I can't seem to shake the feeling today that I am stuck in a rut of routine. A few people have even said I am not my usual jovial self today, which has to be a bad thing if others are noticing. Usually I keep that sort of nonsense well and truly hidden from the rest of the world.

The only constructive thing I have been doing today is drawing some rough character designs for the webcomic and coming up with titles for it and ideas on what its content will be.

Now, to diploma work. Got to start making this to do list smaller.

Oh look, a dog with a fluffy tail...


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