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Another course finished


Well, today I received the last grade for my creative writing course. Apparently I can expect the diploma to be sent out to me in the next few days. So now I have that itch in my brain forming again, the one that I always seem to get when I finish learning something. First it happened after college, so I went off and learned how to drive. Then after that I last a few months before starting the diploma. Now that that is finished I can already feel the need to be getting some sort of education arise again. Better start looking for something to feel the gap.

Clearly I am sick in the head if I can't not be learning something. Of course with work the way it is I have no real time for anything that I can't do when I have time, such as this course allowed me.

One thing I am happy about is that I finished the course within a year. You have up to three years to get it completed but my own personal target was to get it done in one year. Guess I can stick to some time plans.

I got my graphics tablet the other day. I sent it back today. The damn thing didn't work, it wouldn't power up when plugged into the PC. Which sort of made it useless really. I was like a kid at Christmas who had been given a battery operated toy and no batteries to make it go. It was very annoying. Not nearly as annoying as the response I got from the returns department when I sent them an email telling them about my new found problem.

Being a computer tester by profession I sort of tested every possible angle to make sure the tablet was busted entirely. My efforts were then sent to the retailer in a nice email, which I thought clearly stated that the device did not turn on. I was met with a reply email asking me "Can I assume the green light remained off?"

I almost thought it was H on the other end, I really did.


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