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I have a problem.

I have writer's block.

Well it is more along the lines of boredom block but it amounts to the same thing. I have been writing (or rewriting to be precise since I haven't reached the point in the book where I was last time before the file was deleted without backups) a story for the last few months. It has eight chapters more or less in it at the moment. I know exactly where it will go and exactly how I plan on finishing the thing.

But I can't sit down and write the damn thing.

I let my 500 words a day limit slide a little this week but managed to hit the goal most nights. Yet what I wrote was utter shit. Pure and undiluted shit. I can't stand to read it and yet I know that reading it is in my future because I have to do the rewrite once I write that last page.

The problem is that the story has a serious tone to it and I am more of a comedy writer I think. I can't break from that format in my head. Even one of the characters has to be sarcastic in his observations or I just go mad.

I think I need to adjust my writing methods. Now and henceforth it is going to be 500 words a night of new material and a page or two of rewriting old material.

Or I could just pack it in and start the comedy story that has been in my head for a few weeks now. Only problem with that is that I know certain people are going to give out because I never finished this story.

Friends, huh?


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