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Ha, a little internet searching and commenting on how bad I have been at writing was all I needed to guilt myself into doing some work it seems.

After posting last night I fired up Abiword, called up the story, and typed out 1380 words of, not brilliance but, good enough for now quality. Then after breakfast, shower, shave, trip to the shops to get the mother's birthday present, I came back and finished off the chapter. I wrote an entire chapter in under a day.

Looks like all I need to do is complain to myself online so others can see the internal struggle that goes on in the mind of The Jester and it's the kick in the arse to get me working again.

In other news and I know it is very early to be announcing this sort of thing, but I have another gig date finally. An official one as well, not just walk into the club get thrown up on stage. So October 24th is the date. I will remind/pester folks a little closer to the date but for those that need six weeks notice (Fred I am looking at you) you have it.


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