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Bit of pride


Well I have managed to write nearly two full chapters, 4000+ words, over the last two days, as well as 2000 for a short story that I wanted to get written asap. So that isn't at all bad, in fact I am now writing the book and the short story at the same time. I pump out 500 words for one and then when I get bored of that I switch to the other. It's both super productive and stops one of the stories getting stale and becoming a chore to write.

Another reason to be proud of myself is I haven't killed a co-worker. Although yet might be an operative word to pop in there. I sent very detailed instructions on Friday on how to use a tool that we have in our computer lab and just checked my email Saturday morning to find an email in it from him were he is complaining that the code I have written doesn't work and also he can't use the tool. Turns out he didn't follow instruction number one on my email, just went ahead and did whatever the hell he felt like typing.

If you took a stray cat and had it walk across the keyboard it would be more use than this guy is. Sometimes it is a mystery how certain people still have a job.

Like me.


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