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Creative Block


I am in a real slump the last week and a bit. I haven't been working on my rewrites, haven't been drawing or sketching and haven't finished my short story that is only about five pages from the end.

I am just doing nothing.

Last night I sat down with a note pad to start plotting and sketching webcomic stuff and got as far as writing "Webcomic: " on the page before giving up. I just can't seem to get the creative juices flowing or something.

It is sort of annoying because anybody that knows me knows I am always writing comedy, stories or drawing yet here I sit with nothing. I don't know if I am burned out, if I am just tired, if I have lost all my skills or what the story is. Motivation is just lacking to create anything when I go home at night.

I have even started to watch telly. Watch telly! I watch telly while working on a project, background noise if nothing else, I don't sit there flicking through the channels looking for something to veg in front of. That just isn't how I roll. I might blame this on the migraine that I have been trying to shift for about a week at this stage. Or the amount of pills that I have had in my system over the last few days. I don't like getting high on them ever since my little problem but I think my body is coming down or something.

I'm sleeping better though. Like a drunk baby you might say.

This weekend is fairly quite with nothing insane or time consuming or distracting on the cards. With any luck I will just get up early and get back on track with things that need doing.

Now to reboot Newbie's computer again. It's fun being me!


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