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Fifteen Down


Literally just after finishing chapter fifteen of my book ( Fran I swear to god if you make another black belt remark I will kill you ) and it feels good. Real good. It might not be a well written chapter itself, but the feeling that I am closer to finishing the book is a good feeling.

Not entirely sure if I have ever mentioned this particular book on The Bauble before, but it is roughly taken ten years to get to the stage that it is at now.

See I started to write back in secondary school with the intention of going into college to do some sort of English course that would further my writing desires. But after looking at the courses on offer and being talked out of "dreaming" by my folks I did a different course.

While in school though I started to write the current book. It was awful. It was meandering, it went all over the place, I restarted it twice because I didn't like how the plot was going. Then the computer I was writing it on got a nasty virus that wiped the hard drive. That was the day I realised that making backups was not something that happened to other people.

Then again they say that it takes the lose of some serious amount of information to make a person understand how important backing things up is.

Then the Leaving Cert kicked in and I had no time to write. I did the exams, I worked during the summer, I relaxed after the year of stress and migraines and the book just collected dust.

In college I started it again, but my course was intense. The first year alone had me doing an insane amount of hours of lectures followed by huge wads of study afterwards to keep up. Little time was available to just write something. Summers were spent working to have money for the next college year, so there was no real writing done.

The book collected more dust.

Then I finished writing a different book last year. It's in second draft at the minute and probably won't go much further, but I had proven to myself that I could do it. That if I dedicated a little time every day to writing a book the book would get done eventually. It didn't have to be something massive, just a small bit to gradually build up to something better.

Five hundred words a day. I have said that on the site before, but that's all that I aimed to get done.

So to have the book now sitting four chapters from completion is great. This is, to be a bit dramatic, my life's work at this stage. If I can get this first draft finished it will be ten years that weren't really wasted. In fact the stage the book is at now is the furtherest it has ever been. To stop now and not finish it would be a crime.

Not to mention I think my best mate would pummel my head until I died from it. He has been waiting to read this nearly as long as I have been writing it.

Now that I have that chapter down I will take a few minutes break, practise my comedy routine for the quarter final round, and look at the next chapter.

It's all go with me I tell ya.


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