Filthy Henry Novels



Finished yet another chapter today. Full steam ahead, two chapters left to write and that will be the first full draft of a book that has been nearly ten years in the writing. Some new ideas cropped up in this chapter that I hadn't written down in the plot outline and I slotted them in nicely.

After all an outline is only a guideline, not set in stone. Right? I already juggled around the position and running order of some chapters already, so why not the content of these chapters.

The goal now is to try and have the first draft finished by the end of June, which may or may not be possible. It would require writing two chapters in about six weeks, but who knows. That could be doable, a little hard work could never hurt anybody.

So far the goal has been five hundred words per day, at minimum. Lately I have been building up a buffer of words, hitting over the five hundred mark most days. On rare occasions I have even pumped out a thousand words in a day. Keeping up that sort of pace should make finishing two chapters in six weeks a piece of cake.

Then it's onto the rewrite, the creation of the second draft and of course that bound to be fun experience of sending off sample chapters to publishing folks.

This writing lark is more work than it should be.


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