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The Hard Chapter


Just finished rewriting chapter seven and noticed that I had been a little quiet on the old Bauble these days. That's what happens when time gets away from you I guess. Of course having a concept of it passing would help but you can't have everything you want. Plus I had a mega migraine yesterday after work, don't you just love the ones that appear after work. Not during work, or before work, but the second you head out the office door on your way home for the evening. I think I literally got in the car and the bastard started to build right behind my eyes, resulting in an early night and a wasted evening.

Stupid Irish summer. Make up your mind, either be sunny or be rainy but you can't be both in the same day it just doesn't work like that.

Anyway, the rant at hand.

I finished my rewrite of Chapter Seven tonight. This was the one chapter that I knew had a lot of work to be done to it to get it fixed up good and proper. The overall idea of the chapter was fine but it needed a lot of work to make it easier to read. After about two hours plucking away at it I reckon that job is now done and dusted. Maybe if I give the book a second (or would that be third, do you count the actual first writing of a chapter as a pass?) pass I will fix it up even more. But at the moment the way she stands is pretty good. Now onto the other chapters. Only thirteen left to go over, then it's off to the publishers for many a rejection letter.

Site news, I made a small change to the gallery. One that should have been implemented when I created the new gallery. We now have pages of images folks. The old method it just slurped out all the images and showed them to you in a big bunch. Fine if you are working on a super fast machine, not so much if you have a slow system. Now with the pages that problem should be more or less addressed. So, one less thing to worry about. Few other ideas for the site floating about in my head but I will see about getting to them at a later date.

Started the graphics for the brother's website as well. Have half (well two thirds) of his new logo drawn, scanned, inked and coloured. Once I get the last bit done I can start on the coding side of things.

Finally, I have started to line up a few more gigs with regards the old comedy. I figure using the fact that I won a contest and that I was a finalist in another should be a strong enough reason to get some slots. I have one coming up at the end of the month in the Ha'Penny Inns Battle of the Axe. I've heard great things about this gig and venue so really looking forward to it. More on the comedy end of my life in another rant though.

Mainly because my laptop just started to flash at me (sadly no boobies just lights) saying it was really low on battery and I am too lazy to get up and find the plug for it. :D


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