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Slowly But Surely


Rewrites still going ahead. They are a time consuming part of this whole writing process, let me tell you. You can't just skim over chapters, you really have to read and read. Then read some more. Catch spelling mistakes, see how things flow. Even then you tend to miss stuff. Which is why I reckon I will be starting draft number three by the end of August.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from people that read the sample chapter I posted a couple of weeks ago. People liked the style, the plot. Most of them have had constructive criticisms as well on bits and pieces from the chapter. What worked, what they didn't like, that sort of thing.

One person had ninety-one different notes on the chapter!

Although not all of that was bad or pointing out issues. There was a lot that were notes saying they liked particular lines or suggestions on a more clear way to say something. Useful feedback. Stuff that can be worked with to improve the piece.

One thing that those ninety odd points did show me was that I am missing a lot of things even now during the rewrites. Some sentences that don't work, some parts of the plot that are not as clear as they could be. This is why I reckon draft three will be required. I will use these rewrites to patch up what I know myself to be wrong, then go over it again and fix up anything else that I missed on the second pass.

You'd think that this book writing lark would be easy :)

In comedy news I have a gig coming up at the end of the month, July 27th. I'll probably be running with the set that I used for the last few weeks since it seems to be hitting the right notes with a lot of people. I've two new jokes that I am working on at the minute, with a third one already taking shape as well. The dictaphone is a great invention I tell you. Right now it is holding these three joke ideas in their pure, raw, form but at least I have them somewhere so that I can work on them later.

The gig is in a little over two weeks, so I figure I will have them polished and practiced enough to maybe risk unleashing them on the night. Since it is a ten minute slot instead of seven I have some room to play with on my timings, which is always good.


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