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Five To Go


I've reached the final five chapters of the book for this phase of the rewrites. Man it is start to become real work to just get through them.

These chapters are slightly longer than most of the others in the book. Coming in at roughly twenty pages each, some a few more and some a few less. It isn't that they need vast amounts of work on them, just making sure that all the changes that I have made to the fifteen chapters that come before them are lining up correctly.

It's taking me two nights just to get through chapter fifteen as it stands.

But I am looking good for reaching my personal target of having draft two done and dusted for mid August. Which is something at least. Then I reckon I will leave it lie for a week, maybe two, then get started on draft three.

Comedy wise I need to sit down and right some new material as well. I've the gig in the Ha'Penny Inn coming up next Tuesday and I would like to have some new stuff to try out on stage. Lucky for me I've come up with one, maybe two, new jokes that fit in nicely with my current set. So if I just bother my arse to sit down and work on them I should be golden. Then it's a little bit of rehearsing and we are away with it.

Going to keep this post on the short side, have to get back to the rewrites and I am clearly using this as an excuse to avoid working on them. :D

Ah yes, old habits die hard it seems. Oh look, the grass is growing ;)


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