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Nearly Submission Time


Last night I started the rewrite of chapter twenty of my book. This chapter is nineteen pages. Throw in the epilogue into the mix and you have twenty six pages left to be done.

Well twenty one to be precise, I got through five of the pages last night.

So it looks like I should be able to keep that target of having the rewrites done before the end of August after all. The only way I won't hit that goal now is if I just don't bother doing any more work on the book until next month. But I won't be doing that, because this book needs to be finished before I can start looking at writing another one. I've already got new ideas floating around in my head, new stories that are looking to be told. So with any luck I should have the current story done and dusted in draft two by the weekend.

Well within the target I set myself.

Next up: submitting it to agents.

After a sizable amount of hours spent trawling the web I have a list of agents that I am going to submit to. They all publish books, or are open to publishing books, that fall into comedy and/or fantasy. Each has their own little submission requirements, but that is to be expected.

All I have to do now is write out the synopsis, the submission letter, print off the sample chapters and start posting away. Sadly they are all London based, because the Irish market is very limited in its scope, so that will add in a little to the time factor. They say it can take up to two months before you even get a "Please fuck off" reply from an agent. Throw in postage time and we could be in for a long wait.

But this is the furtherest I have ever gone with a book. I've got one sitting on my computer that will probably never see the light of day. I've had others that I started and got bored midway through and figured I wouldn't bother finishing them. This is the first one that not only was completed, but rewritten and is now being submitted.

Should be interesting to see what the feedback on it is. I am guessing "Crimes against Writing" might soon be added to my CV :D


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