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The Words Return


I got around to starting my second book the other night.

Well actually I got around to starting my third one, but since I never really plan on doing anything with the first that I wrote we shall no longer count it.

But yea, second book started and already the pedantic nature is returning.

Is that the best way I can say that?

Does this character seem a little stupid because all he does is talk?

Why can't I remember how to spell pilot correctly?

These and other questions all running through the head. So much so that after writing only four pages I had to ask the lady friend to have a read of it. See if it was working in its current form or needed to be started again.

What I found hardest is getting back into the habit. I've set the word target to be five hundred again. It's just about manageable on a daily basis. But because I have been about two months without writing the new story is suffering slightly. It took me a hell of a long time to scrap the five hundred words past the finish line last night. Even then I went back over the four pages and fixed some things up.

Ah Pedantic, you are a harsh mistress.

Of course I picked a busy week to start writing again. Tomorrow night no words will be written. This weekend the lady friend and myself are going over to London (a little surprise from herself because I had been pissed off with the old job and hadn't found a replacement at the time). Then next week is more busy, busy stuff at the weekend.

Although I am getting the wisdom teeth extracted, so that should give me loads of time to get catch up writing done. Not to mention I will be high as a kite, sure that is bound to result in brilliance. Right? :D

But what about the other book? I hear you ask.

I haven't forgotten about it, I just made a slight mistake when I submitted it. Apparently it is industry manners, rightly so I guess, to inform an agent if you have submitted your story to multiple agents at the same time. I didn't do this with my first submission so I am sort of waiting for them to get back to me (be it good or bad) before submitting in bulk to other agents.

The handy thing about the new story is that, while it is based in the same fantasy world, it would work without the prior book at all. Hell it would even work if I had to change the names of every single character in it.

That's one saving grace for having off the wall fantasy comedy I guess, you can bend the plot as much as you need to.

Depending on the feedback I get from the first novel and this one I may or may not stick to writing stories in this style and genre. I have enough tales floating around my head to take a stab at other ones.

But sure I'll just keep on writing. Maybe I will be one of those "Famous after he died" writers. Although that would kinda suck :)


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Shortie | Thu, 30 Sep 10 16:20:35 +0100
YAY! The words are back. And they are good words too :)


Required | Thu, 30 Sep 10 19:45:10 +0100
Pedantry is a harsh mistress....

(see what I mean??)


Aido | Fri, 01 Oct 10 12:00:27 +0100
Have you thought about self publishing on kindle as an option? Maybe even a short story or so just to try it out?


Al | Sun, 03 Oct 10 21:58:54 +0100
Better finish reading the first book so. Would hate to be behind when the second book of a 5 part trilogy comes out...


blue_jester | Mon, 04 Oct 10 09:00:36 +0100
Al: Nah, it's going to be a quadrilogy with about eight tetralogys to follow up :D