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Busy Busy...Through My Own Fault


I've been pretty busy the last week, through nobody's fault but my own. As the lady friend will confirm I am something of a crazy person when it comes to having a lot of hobbies/projects on the go at the same time. Last week would be a perfect example of this.

Roughly two years ago the brother asked me to make a website for him (I'm pretty sure I ranted about it but I am not arsed about trawling through the backlog to find what rant it was). I'd start it, then get distracted with a few comedy gigs or something, then have to restart it because we had a yap about what he really wanted.

Last week I finally, after yet another chat with him, nailed down what the site was, how it would work, and what was needed code wise. As usual a sizeable amount of it could be culled from The Bauble, with minor tweaks to tailor it for his needs. It was actually the fastest site I've ever created, even with it needing some new code written just for it. Now that has more or less wrapped up, bar the putting it on the web for all to see, I can leave it on the back burner a bit.

Of course the problem with writing a site in a week is it sort of eats into your normal writing time. Which means sadly that the latest book suffered a sizeable drop in words being written. I think I had built up a buffer of roughly four days worth of words, which is now definitely back in the negative numbers. But I did get around to writing some stuff last night, bringing chapter five to a close, so that is something at least.

On the writing front I've heard back from two of the twelve agents I've sent submissions to. Both nicely informed me that they weren't going to pay me wads of cash, so the search continues on that front. Found a few more possible agents over the weekend that I submitted to. Plus the lady friend went and found two sites on the interwebs that had a truck load more agents I hadn't found on my own searches.

There is even going to be an arty update for you this rant (because it is meandering all over the place :) ).

I've started a new painting, another one of those "something having paint poured over it" sort of thing. Meant to have a few pics to upload with this entry but that will have to wait til next time.

I also, as of yesterday, finished doing the wedding invitations up for the mother figure's upcoming nuptials. Nothing all that fancy, but she seemed happy enough with the end result. Even though the wedding isn't until the summer, leaving loads of time for making new designs if she wasn't happy with the current one, she liked it straight away and has decided to run with that.

Oh, I've a comedy gig on November 25th as well.

Right, I think that's just about everything in a very unconcise nutshell. Proper, structured, rants shall return at some stage.


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