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Been a while since I did a little writing update, so here you go.

I've entered into the last two chapters of the current book. Once they are finished then I have a second novel completed, although admittedly it is still in draft one format. Meaning it no doubt needs a load of work done on it, but hey two books in two years isn't all that bad right?

This, of course, brings up a little problem. Since this second book is based in the same 'world' as the first, I sorta would need to get the first book published before pursing the second. While it isn't a direct follow up story it would make more sense that way. Meaning in the next few months I shall once again be searching everywhere high and low for people to submit the first novel to.

Ah the writing hobby, it's a pain in the ass.

But being a stubborn whore I've already started jotting down ideas for third novel to write. This one will be another comedy/fantasy but different to the last two stories I've written. Figured try something a little different, see if I have better luck with it.

The eternal optimist me :P.

Another writing project that I have taken on, just because I am that stupid, is converting a short story I wrote about six years ago into a screen play. It's actually an interesting process, taking something that was written in one format for one medium and redoing it for another medium entirely. Apparently the hardest part of screenplay writing is coming up with an actual story, so I've half the battle out of the way at least.

One of these days I might just sit still for a few minutes.

Maybe ;).


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