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Book Two And Other Words


Now, I know that I said I was going to be creating a writing website to be the main source of all rants writing related, and I am in the process of doing that, but I figure one more rant about it here won't make much of a difference, right? See that second site is going to take a bit of time to get up and running and I have an entry about writing now to post, ergo post it here. Maybe move it over later.

See? Simples :D

Anyway, the other day I completed my second book. That's right, book two of the series has been finished. Now, it is only in a 'first draft' stage, meaning it no doubt needs a bit of work done to it, but not a lot of people get a book done to that level. Let alone two. So I figure that is something worth ranting about on the Interwebs.

Last time was in this situation I dove straight into doing the rewrites without taking a break. While it meant I finished the book, all the way to draft four, in just under a year I don't think it was the best way to do it. The book was still slightly fresh in my mind, each chapter only after being written more or less.

This time I am taking a break between writing those last words and starting the rewrites. I've made notes along the way of things that I want to change/check, but I reckon I give it a couple of months before tackling that task.

Mainly because I still need to somehow get the first book out in the big bad world. There is no real point in having a follow-up (it isn't a direct sequel but based in the same world) unless the first book has an appearance.

But, being the nut job that I am, my idea of taking a break from writing is to begin another writing project. I've already written the first chapter and part of a second for a new novel. This one is a standalone idea I had, so if, by the time it is finished, my first book is still gathering dust, I can take a stab at getting this one published in some manner.

Finally a little update on two other writing related things. I have, as I said already, started to look into the site dedicated to nothing but writing. I've got it designed, I've got a twitter account for it. So things are moving along on that front. Once it is up and running you all will be the first to know. Aside from me obviously.

Also in my last writing rant I said I was considering going down a self-publish/ebook route. This idea seemed to make a few of you think it was a good one. Now, I am no fool. In fact I have been accused on occasion of being a perfectionist. So I know that as awesome as I and others might think the book is, it still needs an editor of some sort to look over it.

As such I have been searching around for novel editing services. These are not fun and unique ways to edit something, no no. They are editors that you pay to do edits on your book. Turns out it is not a cheap thing to get done. Most of them have come back with a price tag over one thousand euroes. I don't think I am willing to fork out that much money just yet, even if I do believe in my own work. So I will continue shopping around.

Besides, I need the writing site up and running before I can start touting my wares. So there is no rush, yet ;)


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