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Dublin Comic Con


It's worse I am getting at these entries not better. Although to be fair myself and the lady friend have had a hell of a lot on lately. We're in the process decorating two of the rooms in the house which has the entire place in chaos. But the fun sort of chaos that you can plot and plan with. That is of course if you don't have a job that gets in the way as regularly as mine does. Working the odd weekend after a long week is bad enough, working five in a row can get to a person eventually.

But enough about that.

Since I haven't had a real minute to mention it on The Bauble since it went live I figured I would carve out some time now to do it. My second Filthy Henry Novel, The Impossible Victim, is now up for sale on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

While writing the first one I always had a dream that it would continue past one single book. Now here it is, a little over a year later, with the second one out in the big bad world. Meaning that I am already a month behind schedule for starting on the third one ;)

In order to get the book out there to a wider audience I signed up to run a stall at this year's Dublin Comic Con, August 8th to 9th. Sure madness will ensue but won't that be part of the fun of it all. I've my supplies already dropped off to the office. Just need to design up some posters to make the table look all pretty and whatnot. Plus, fingers crossed, I actually remember to rant about it while there, maybe even with some pictures :D


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