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The Con Approaches


As the bank holiday weekend draws to a close it signals the last weekend before Dublin Comic Con 2015 kicks off. A convention that I am going to be attending not just as a spectator but as a stall runner.

Things just just interesting.

My supply of both "Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective" and "The Impossible Victim" were shipped to the office, a handy ten minute walk away from the convention centre where the DCC is going to be held this year. Along with the books I also have some Filthy Henry themed business cards that I will probably be dropping randomly around the convention centre as the day goes along.

Sure it's all a bit of fun at the end of the day right?

Site is acting a bit odd, I had the floor plan here but it won't load (even though it's in the Random folder in the gallery. Anyway I'm at table number 28 in the Artist Alley all weekend.

I've also gone ahead and gotten my Goodreads account updated to an Authors account. Turns out I can link the bauble and the Goodreads blog together, so type once publish many.

If I ain't the laziest author around the blogsphere I don't know who is!

Also prepare for some spam live from the con floor next weekend.

After all I might got mad talking to myself otherwise ;)


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