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First Draft, Again


I've been off the blogging grid for a bit lately. Mainly because when I get stuck into writing a new story I find that I don't have the mental juices to blog as well. But now that I've finished the first draft of my third book I figured it was time for a little post.

I always find the first draft to be an interesting thing to exist. Technically this is the book completed. The plot is done, the characters have said their lines and everything is finished. Then you start on draft two. Three, four, five, etc. All the follow up drafts of the book.

The drafts after the first one are usually used to fine tune things. Tweak the plot, patch up some loose threads, fix spelling mistakes (as best I can, one or two always slip through). For the previous two books the differences between the first and final drafts were pretty huge.

Which makes the first draft so interesting. It is the book, but almost just the genesis of it. The idea of what the finished product will be. As I was working through the draft I had my notebook (a very snazzy gift from the lady friend) beside me. Notes were made about plot bits I wanted to change, new elements to add in, maybe even characters doing something completely different. By the time I had finished the draft there were roughly four pages of notes in my pad.

Four pages of notes that are going to be worked into draft two. Four pages that could get more notes created as the story is revisited through the rest of the drafts.

At least comic con isn't until August. I mean I can write all those new drafts before then. Right?


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