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Polish A Third (Draft)


Draft Three has finally been put to bed. It was a bit of a slog to get through to be honest. Life has a wonderful habit of getting insanely busy at the times you could use for writing. Plus I had some interesting fun during the month with migraines and night terrors, basically writing off two days due to being tired.

But sure what can you do.

Having gone over the notes I managed to get through most of the changes that I felt the draft needed from its previous incarnation. As I work through each one I am keeping copies though, as I said before, to see just how much the story changes between each draft. Right now draft one has a completely different ending to draft three. Not so much that we are talking two completely different books, but it isn't hard to see how some writers go a bit loopy during the editing process.

I once read that Philip K. Dick was super paranoid that "The Man" was out to get him. Now, given his body of work, it wouldn't be hard to say he had to be the crazy side of genius to come up with his stories. But I can't imagine how he went through drafts, changing the plots along the way, of stories that are crazy, not to mention entertaining, to begin with.

Lesson learned, all the drafts are now safely backed up in my Dropbox. The notes for draft four are only four lines. This tortoise is racing along to the finish line at a gentle pace. All I need to do is make sure it's ready by the end of June and it's sorted for the Dublin Comic Convention.

Course I've two weddings in between now and then, but sure what could possibly go wrong...


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