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Giraffe Four Done


I've no idea why I am using that title really. I think I might be a little sleep deprived or something. Just as I was working on the latest draft during the week the title for this rant popped into my head and I chuckled away to myself.

Sign of a bad comedy writer there, when you laugh at your own jokes with nobody else around to validate if they are or aren't funny.

Hell I probably should have ran that title past the ladyfriend before using it, but too late now!

It has been a while since last posting an update on the latest Filthy Henry novel, because: life. Life tends to get in the way of a lot of things. That and the fact that my previous tablet I was using for writing had a strange battery issue which meant I was getting less work done on the commute. Thankfully the ladyfriend figured I was a good boy last year and I've a shiny new tablet to work on.

Productivity is returned.

Now if only I could get away from that pesky day job, everything would be golden.


I've finally closed out draft four of Stolen Stories. Few more plotholes closed, few questions raised in my head that I need to mull over. I've done the usual cut that tends to happen as the stories evolve during the writing process. It isn't exactly ready for general consumption, but the story is getting there. Dublin Comic Con is in August, it takes a month to get books ordered for the con. Loads of time, unless Life gets in the way again... when is kid number two due again? ;)


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