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If that title isn't the very definition of a click bait title I don't know what is.

So, where the hell is the next Filthy Henry novel? Well it is, finally, in it's final format. Which basically means that I have sat down, taken all the individual chapter files, and smashed them all together into one big monster file. With Dublin Comic Con coming down the line in August I have been working on the book pretty much ever spare second that I get.

Of course having a newborn and a toddler with chicken-pox doesn't exactly leave a lot of spare seconds :)

Now comes the cover design, which basically will involve me doing a lot of random doodles in my sketch pad because I have no idea what the cover for this book is going to be. Recently I have been thinking about redoing all the covers for the series, but for now I will be sticking with the current style. I might even make the current style a 'con only' design...we shall see.

Story wise this is the longest Filthy Henry novel I have written and i was cutting stuff out of it with a vengeance as well. At the minute there are 620 pages of story.

That's about 170 more than were in Accidental Legend. That number may go down slightly as I have one or two little areas of plot that are niggling in the back of my head, but even then it won't go down by 150 pages.

Now to let the brain unwind a little and ponder the two new Filthy Henry story ideas I've been mulling over the last year and a bit.


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