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Dublin Comic Con 2018 - Day 1


Another day, another Dublin Comic Con opening day over and done with. This weekend is Dublin Comic Con 2018 and as I mentioned before I was one of the lucky ones to be selected as an Artist Alley exhibitor. In I rocked this morning, looking at the costumes and the setups, to my table.

Which was in one sweet bloody location I can tell you that. A corner table, right across from the wide open area that people queued up in to go to the celebraty booths.

A better table you could not have asked for. Not to mention the table neighbours were great and friendly folk, which always makes the day easier if you are doing these things solo.

With my stock out on display, I settled in for what I thought might be a repeat of last year. While I enjoyed last year greatly, the sales were pretty poor. It is just the nature of the beast. Going in with a dose of reality is not the worst thing in the world.

Turns out that the ladyfriend was right, I should have expected good things.

By lunch time I'd sold enough books to cover the cost of the table. By the end of the day I had covered the stock and started to make profit. Proper profit too, not just a few pennies.

There were return customers, people who had either both one or two books a few years ago and came back. There were return, dare I say it, fans. Folk who have actually followed the series from day one and keep tabs on when new books come out. There were new customers, looking to get their hands on the first book or maybe the first two. I was even lucky enough to sell four sets of all four books to people.

Four books. Bought by people who had just passed by the table and liked the look of the covers. That's amazing, I have to say. As everyone knows I tend to be my own worst critic. But strangers coming and buying the entire set in one go, that's just stuff you dream of happening.

To top of the end to a great first day, the ladyfriend brought Nugget and Jellybean in. It was their first time coming to the con and she had them wearing a Rescue dress (lady Ironman for those not comic book nerds like me) and Captain America outfit. In they came, the kids getting all the attention for being super cute, and dropped by to see their dear old day. The ladyfriend then brought them around the convention, which allowed Nugget to get into pictures with all of her favourite super heroes. On the drive home she said she had a great day.

Parenting done well.

The end tally of stock sold was just under half of what I had brought in. By just under I mean I am only two books shy. Not a bad opening day for the con. Tomorrow I will be bringing in the remaining stock I have and we shall see how it goes. But tomorrow is not about breaking even anymore, tomorrow is all about the fun.

Fun that I would never have even tried if the ladyfriend had not pushed me to write the first Filthy Henry novel all those years ago.


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Will | Sun, 12 Aug 18 01:58:16 +0100
Happy days! Sounds like all is good in the camp!