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Dublin Comic Con 2018 - Day 2


That's an end to another Dublin Comic Con and it turns out this year was my best one ever. Four years going to the con as an exhibitor and this was definitely the most enjoyable of them. In my first year I sold out of all stock before the end of the second day. By all counts that is a great first con and no mistake. Except I brought only twenty-five books along :)

This year I sold the princely amount of forty-two books. Forty. Two. That's forty-two copies of books I wrote floating around out in the wild now for people to read. I had new customers, return customers, hesitant customers. Customers, that's the main thing. Me, a simple indie author, had people coming to his table to buy stories he never dreamed people would read outside of immediate family.

I'm sitting here, typing this, sipping on a fine single malt whiskey as celebration for the success of this weekend. Even if the second day was somewhat slower than the first, it didn't hamper the amount of books sold at the end of the day.

I have to give a nod to the Head Artist Alley person, for want of an official title, Sharkey. I think it was a new role bestowed on somebody this year, but the guy was great. Checking in on folks during the weekend to see how they were doing and if they needed any help with anything. Running around in the morning on both days to make sure people were set up and ready to go. Hell I even have a fantastic piece of artwork to add to my growing collection. Basically he is an all-round gent.

Roll on next year is all I can say I guess.


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