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I've been working away on the latest draft of Duplex Tempus and it's been something of a slog. I made the rookie mistake of putting dates into sections of the book, so for this draft I had to go through and make sure that the dates all line up with the plot.

It has been a huge pain in the ass.

On the plus side the draft I've just finished, number three for those that care, has been trimmed of a few subplots that I felt didn't work.

I mentioned that I was doing this in a writers group I am a member of and the response was somewhat surprising. Everyone seemed to think that I had committed a crime of some sort, cutting subplots that I felt were not working. I am still not entirely sure how they came to that conclusion. I don't think there is a writer on the planet who kept every single thing from their first draft all the way through to the final one. Just like there isn't a writer alive who hasn't added a little bit to their story after the first draft. New ideas that popped up during the writing phase they may not have considered during the planning part.

Anyway those subplots are now in the bin, never to be used again. I will take a day and jump right back into the editing of draft four. I told a friend of mine today that I'd aim to have the book finished and ready for Dublin Comic Con in August.

I recall making a similar statement about the last Filthy Henry novel and that did not turn out so well.

But a writer can dream...


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